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Building your model

Today's ARF's (Almost ready to fly) models provide a quick and cost effective way of getting into the hobby. That said, there are still some 'purists' who prefer the old school way. Kit building (from a laser cut kit) or Scratch building (where you cut your own parts using a plan) are still very much practised methods of model building. LARCS is very fortunate to have some incredibly talented aeromodellers who use these methods to construct their aircraft. So whatever your budget, time line or skill level, you'll find something to tickle your fancy!


The Power Systems

Electricity Can Kill


As you get more advanced with electric systems, we can be dealing with voltages in excess of 50 Volts and currents capable of over 300 Amps


Learn how they all work together, the calculations need to get the best out of the aircraft.


The Radio Systems

A radio is a radio....


We think not... one of the areas, where you will see a person move into an interest group, mention the name of a radio then move away after starting the which radio is best argument... fun to watch


The techniques are the same across systems, but the programming is specific to a brand, you will be able to find someone with your brand to assist.

Flight Specifics

Why does it fly, how does it fly... more commonly why did it do that...


Why does it fly with the tail hanging down

When I put throttle on the aircraft dives, when I take it off it flairs, just never seems quite right.

What is CG, how do you caculate it.


Ask the experts... or join a workshop..



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