LARCS is an affiliated club with the Model Aeronautical of Australia Association (or MAAA for short), which provides our club members with both MAAA membership and insurance.


As an MAAA member you will have access to:

  • Better training programs and a Wings proficiency scheme to get you up to speed and in the air faster

  • Largest range of modelling disciplines from radio control, aerobatics, jets to FPV flying which the MAAA holds a CASA Exemption, ensuring our members can operate outdoors (just to name a few)

  • Safer flights with more robust operating procedures and a proactive incident investigation system

  • Access to more events for pilots and spectators to attend both in Australia and overseas

  • A strong spirit of camaraderie to support you from the largest Australian aeromodelling community

  • The most comprehensive insurance for aeromodellers in Australia with no excess

  • The only organisation that enables you to fly competitively on the international stage

  • The only industry body that works with CASA and the government to protect your sport



As an MAAA affiliated club, LARCS operates under the Manual of Procedures (or MOPS). These MOPS are available electronically - click the icon below to take you directly to the MAAA MOPS webpage for the most up to date information. Alternatively, hard copies will be printed in due course and available in the club shed. 

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Open 7 days a week:

Monday-Thursday  8am-6pm

Friday  1pm - 6pm (Field Maintenance in the morning)

Saturday  8am-6pm

Sunday & Public Holidays 9am-1pm

Christmas Day, Good Friday and until 1:00pm on Anzac Day
These timearfoInternaCombustion, Jet and EDF aircraft. 
Quiet Electrics can fly from Dawn till Dusk on all days except Friday mornings, Christmas Day, Good Friday and until 1:00pm Anzac Day

Our Airfield is located at Loganholme, Qld... Straight off the South-Eastern end of Burchill St

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All pilots must hold a Current membership card or proof thereof or sign in as a Bona Fide visitor (4 x Visits in total allowed before being required to join to continue flying at LARCS)  *see VISITORS PAGE.* 


Endorsements (if required) must be carried & aircraft noise level certification of 96db is enforced.

For general correspondance, you can contact the LARCS Committee via email to: 

For new members looking for flight instruction, please contact the CFI to arrange a time & instructor. Contact details can be found on the 'Crew' page via the top navigation bar.