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Prospective new members are welcome to come out and try the field, up to four (4) visits.

Any further visits within the membership year require either Associate or Full Membership with LARCS. Please see our 'Membership' page for the club fee schedule.

All MAAA Visitors must contact the LARCS Secretary prior to their attendance at the Club if they intend to fly at the club. 


All Non-Affiliated Visitors should arrange to meet a LARCS Committee Member or LARCS Instructor at the club prior to attending the club. 

All Visitors to the club must sign the MAAA Visitor book and be "signed in" by a Member of the club who is in attendance and supervising the Visitor whilst they are at the club ("Supervising Member").

A minimum standard of Bronze (Sub 2kg) or Silver Wings for Solo flight.

Any visitor not meeting the above requirements must be accompanied at the Pilot's Position by either:

An MAAA Instructor, LARCS Club Instructor or an MAAA Gold Wings pilot.

All Visitors who have not previously flown at the Club must be "inducted" by their Supervising Member. This is to ensure all Visitors are briefed on: The relevant flight operations area and 'no-fly' areas; All relevant safety and operational by-laws of the club; Any other conditions of flying at the club including any conditions included in the Club's area approval for operations of large models, turbine or operations above 400 feet.


Please contact the Committee or CFI for further information.

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