COVID-19 Update

With effect from 7:00pm 22/08/2020, LARCS will enact our COVID-19 restrictions, based off the advice from the QLD Chief Health Officer. The Committee will advise, as soon as we can lift these restrictions. If you have any questions, please contact the LARCS Committee. Above all else, please adhere to all Chief Health Officer Directives.

1. NO visitors, ONLY current financial members allowed at the club.
2. ONLY financial members with an aircraft intending to fly are allowed at the club.
3. No social visiting & no non flying family members etc.
4. Members with medical conditions are strongly advised not to attend.
5. ALL social distancing and other COVID 19 safety measures are to be adhered to at ALL times.
6. There is to be only one member per “bay” in the pits.
7. The club house is out of bounds & is to remain closed unless the first-aid kit is required in an emergency.
8. NO drinks are to be made or sold at the club, strictly BYO and no sharing.
9. Members are to bring their own antibacterial wipes & gel.
10. Members are to ensure the area they used is clean before they leave.
11. Consider other members and ensure fair use of the facilities for everyone. This means fly, then packing up and leave
12. No instruction will offered or given during this time, minimum of bronze wings pilots only.
13. Only four (4) persons in the pilots box at a time, three (3) pilots & one (1) observer.
14. If these rules are not adhered to the committee will consider closing the club.
15. No meetings will be held until further notice

Welcome to L.A.R.C.S.

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Flight Training

You will be able to see the various disciplines such as: Fixed Wing, Gliders, Helicopters and Control Line... all at the one venue.


New to flying? Your first point of call will be to an Instructor or Senior Club Member. They will be able to point you in the right direction, depending on what discipline takes your fancy. 


Our Workshop is well equipped, where you can draw on the experience of real aviation old-timers, tool makers and just good old hard knocks. Find out what makes that model tick and maybe have a go at building your own.

Meet the Members

Our members come from all walks of life and you will find different groups getting together throughout the week. You'll catch the electric early birds, up at the crack of dawn most mornings or perhaps a Tuesday glider session is in order? Saturday sees a wide variety of models being flown (and usually a BBQ brekkie roll between 9am and 10am.)

About LARCS...

RC Pilots have been flying at our location since the late 60's with just a handful of modellers that enjoyed the hobby. Before long, more budding pilots arrived until finally, the Loganholme Aeromodellers Radio Control Society (LARCS) was formed and is now one of the largest clubs in Australia.

Some of the Best Facilities you will find at any club, with over 40 hectares of flat land, 3 separate flying areas, concreted pits areas, stainless benches, 240v power and a fully equipped workshop.


We also have a 1000 feet height ceiling, which provides for outstanding flight experiences! (especially for gliders.)

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Open 7 days a week:

Monday-Thursday  8am-6pm

Friday  1pm - 6pm (Field Maintenance in the morning)

Saturday  8am-6pm

Sunday & Public Holidays 9am-1pm

Christmas Day, Good Friday and until 1:00pm on Anzac Day
These timearfoInternaCombustion, Jet and EDF aircraft. 
Quiet Electrics can fly from Dawn till Dusk on all days except Friday mornings, Christmas Day, Good Friday and until 1:00pm Anzac Day

Our Airfield is located at Loganholme, Qld... Straight off the South-Eastern end of Burchill St

Contact Us

All pilots must hold a Current membership card or proof thereof or sign in as a Bona Fide visitor (4 x Visits in total allowed before being required to join to continue flying at LARCS)  *see VISITORS PAGE.* 


Endorsements (if required) must be carried & aircraft noise level certification of 96db is enforced.

For general correspondance, you can contact the LARCS Committee via email to: 

For new members looking for flight instruction, please contact the CFI to arrange a time & instructor. Contact details can be found on the 'Crew' page via the top navigation bar.